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What is gamechange?

GameChange is a network of linked processes aiming at innovation, learning and advocacy for Gender Justice and empowerment of women and men to change their lives and help others change theirs.

The processes facilitate gender action learning whereby women and men identify and implement their own individual and collective strategies for increasing women’s economic rights as stated in 1979 UN Convention on Elimination of ALL forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Gender justice aims and strategies identified at community-level are integrated into institutional decision-making and practice and gender advocacy at the macro-level.

GAMEchange Vision

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gamechange GOALS

Goal 1: Empowerment and transformation of gender inequalities constraining women as well as men at all levels from achieving their visions of a better future for themselves, their families, communities and humanity as a whole.

Goal 2: Changes in power relations between those with and without power and prioritisation of the interests of the poorest and most vulnerable in all development interventions as a human right.

Goal 3: Gender and social justice mainstreamed in economic, social and political development interventions and institutions including: environment, climate change, conflict resolution, leadership and governance, livelihood/market/value chain development, food security and economic policy and decision-making.

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gamechange network

The GAMEchange Network website links processes and organisations engaged in community-led gender action learning and mainstreaming. These include:

  • Hivos GALS@Scale Blog for Coffee Partnership of Tanzania and 4S@Scale projects with private sector partner ECOM Trading
  • WEMANGlobal: the official website for Oxfam Novib's WEMAN programme
  • Genfinance: a website of earlier materials on gender and microfinance up until 2006
  • PALSNetwork: a website with interactive learning resources on Participatory Action Learning for Sustainability which form the basis of the GALS@Scale methodology

It brings together links to resources and experience of these processes in one place. It includes, but is not limited to, materials produced by Linda Mayoux and other consultants.

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about this website

This website is based on material produced by Linda Mayoux in her work with Oxfam Novib's WEMAN programme, Hivos, IFAD, ILO, FAO, DFID, Aga Khan Foundation, SDC, USAID an other sponsors.

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